Holyroyd To Rookwood 330K V Installation
Holyroyd To Rookwood 330K V Installation 2
Panorama Substation Oil Containment


Arch-Phillips is the provider of choice for high voltage transmission works. Cable selection, construction methods and cable support are crucial to the overall project success. Our award winning experience is without peer in the industry. Whether it’s a desalination plant requiring power, your substation, or a train station, Arch-Phillips has the solution for you.


Arch-Phillips has over 20 years supporting the power industry in distribution. Our award-winning teams sit on nine electricity panels within Australia.

Arch-Phillips is not a general contractor; we are a utilities specialist. We understand network requirements and the interfaces with other utilities.

Arch-Phillips delivers right from inception to construction; from 11kV padmounts to 330kV cable installations, we scale our approach to meet your specific needs.


Arch-Phillips holds accreditation to access and work on substations. Our capabilities cover all aspects, whether it’s the requirements for earthing and their interface to the structure, or the need to work with the cables in the zone.


Overhead works are a high community impact item, principally because of the size of the specialist equipment involved.

Lifter borers and elevated work platforms (EWPs) take room and require planning. Community impact is central to what we do and how we do it. Whether it is taking an existing overhead asset underground, UGOH installation, or augmentation of the network, Arch-Phillips has a solution that will suit your needs.

Given that the East and Parramatta 132kV project was vital to Endeavour Energy, Arch-Phillips performed very well. The senior project manager was very pleased with their performance.
John Kleong, Combine Energy
A well controlled project. Arch-Phillips displayed an ability to co-ordinate multiple work sites and address unforeseen conditions or variations with minimal program effect.
33kV Feeder Project
Arch-Phillips displayed a very high level of professionalism and flexibility throughout the entire project.