South Australia Team Shines at CCF Awards

After a long and challenging project, Diona’s South Australian team were the winners of Category 1 (project value up to $1 million) at the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) Earth Awards this year for their contributions to the Seaford-Aldinga Transmission Main project. 

Diona were engaged by the APA Group to install a 1.5Km, 300mm steel transmission main through the Onkaparinga National Reserve to secure the gas feed to 15,000 homes in the Southern suburbs of Adelaide. The contract involved civil trenching and laying of welded pipes into deep excavations in predominately clay soils along with an underbore crossing the 50m wide Onkaparinga River. 
The team, lead on site by Stephen O’Donnell, were busy in 2016 laying the majority of the pipeline through the reserve. Being in a nature reserve a lot of care needed to be taken around the environmental assets. The river along with two wetlands were within close proximity to the works and run-off management needed to be constantly adjusted to ensure water pollution could not occur. Project boundaries needed to be established to ensure that workers would not enter the biodiverse areas and potentially spread weeds or damage plants. The soil in the area was also classified as intermediate soil contamination and needed to be segregated to ensure the best environmental outcome.

The underbore was first attempted in mid-2016 and faced a number of challenges in the difficult ground conditions that halted the project. After a number of attempts, a team lead on site by Jimmy Hennessy and with the help of Project Manager Peter McGrath attempted the procedure again in June 2017 and successfully completed the underbore.
The underbore stage made up our submission to the CCF Awards this year. Well done to everyone who was involved in this project resulting in this win for Diona!